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Microport Systemes offers to your business class backup solutions that are designed to securely protet your Work Stations and Servers.

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Computer Data Backup Servives.

Today every company and individual data is stored on computers hard disks. System crash or hard disk crash could put your business in danger of losing important data. This might put your business in great danger. Today safe storage data is not difficult or expensive. Microport Systemes is a backup specialist providing secure onsite and offline data backup's solutions. Our data back up specialists will provide your business with the right solutions for your computer systems and data that runs on Windows or Mac OS computers. Your data only store on a computer hard disks could be permanently lost in case of fire, physical damage or theft. With our computer data backup solutions you will be protected against hazard's danger. Files, pictures, e-mails could be restore quickly from external data backup storage to the server or work station.

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